Rain Rant

I wrote this in April (while commuting) during an April deluge. It’s raining again today, and iScriblr is doing a Rain themed challenge, so here you go.

How To Drive In the Rain

Speed. Faster is better

Turn signals are for the weak.

Leave your lights off. Be invisible!

Conversely, deploy the brights. See every rain drop.

Document the journey!



Early Truck Butt

I started working in Irwindale in June 2005. I had been a while since I had commuted and it took some getting used to. I coped by taking photos.

Self portrait! See my blue van?

This is not the first truck butt I ever shot (unintentionally bagged plenty of truck butts during many road trips), but the one of the first taken during #myshittycommute on the 605.


Have you ever run out of storage space while taking pictures with your iPhone?
Dreamy Rothko-like images appear and freeze the camera.

Is it possible to deliberately take a photo like that on a smart phone?
Or are the devices too smart, assuming we always want things in focus.

photo by Severo

This post inspired by The Daily Post’s weekly Photo Challenge.
This week’s theme is Focus