#June1-30Challenge Day 20:

Day 20 Twenty Minutes
June 20, 1963. The United States and Soviet Union signed an agreement to set up a hot line communication link between the two countries.
If you could have a hot line to any person, dead or alive, who would it be? Who would you want to chat with if you only had twenty minutes on the hot line? What would you tell them?

I Hate the Telephone

When I was a kid,¬†we had a party line. This meant that several homes shared the same wires, so if Mrs. Putnam was having a conversation with Mrs. Stevens, you could listen in. Mom drilled into us, “Do NOT play with the phone!”
Fast forward to the eighties to my first job out of college and call waiting.What was it, a horrible beeping when a call was incoming? The boss INSISTED that we answer the second call, in case it was her. I dropped so many calls.
I still have a landline, but it’s been unplugged for a long time. Sorry if you tried¬†reaching me that way. Try email!

I like email.