A Photo a Week Challenge: Take a New Photo

Check out my newest experiment in my windowsill garden!
Maybe you’ve tried this with carrot or lettuce ends — have you ever tried Brussels Sprouts?

2-26, first day of “planting”
3-3, teeny tiny sprouts on the sprouts!
Today, 3-9, some are almost 1/2″ tall! Fascinating!

Joining in with
Nancy Merrill Photography’s weekly challenge. Check out her post here.
Shelbee’s Spread the Kindness

3 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge: Take a New Photo

    1. Not sure if planting will work. I tried it with a lettuce regeneration one time and it didn’t work. Then again, once a plant goes outside, it’s pretty much on its own. And some plants can’t take care of themselves. Ha.
      Usually with these things, I trim off the growths and put them in a sandwich. Not sure WHAT to do with these! They are growing like crazy! Fun to watch.


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