#AtoZchallenge #AtoZreveal — Are We There Yet?

This year, I’ll be A-Zing here with Trucks from #mybeautifulcommute-A-ZWaterlogue-2017-03-18-08-18-14

I’m considering a 2nd option on SpyGirl, my Fashion Blog, and will link to it if indeed it happens.

This will be my third year participating in the A to Z Challenge.
Last year, I blogged the tartans of the US and Canada, A-Z [master A-Z list here].

2015, I did two challenges.
One covered the Southwest on my On the Edge travel blog [master A-Z list here].


The other consisted of postings on SpyGirl [master A-Z list here] by my alter ego Enid.

Does an A to Z Challenge sound like fun? Want to join in?
Read more about it here, on the official Blogging from A to Z April Challenge blog.a-z_badge_sm

Come back on April 1st, when I will start with

Why ANOTHER blog?

Self portrait for 52 Pick-me-up Style Card Deck as the  Joker
Self portrait for 52 Pick-me-up Style Card Deck as the Joker

I write lots of comments through my WordPress ID.

I need an e-commerce site.
(Maybe WP isn’t as baffling as it used to be? Sure seems easier than it was when I tried it in 2008)

All the other blogs:
SpyGirl, fashion blog
Pattern Recognition, surface design stuff
On the Edge US, travel
The Glutton’s Progress, food, recipes, music
Dessert Safari, because the desserts are a project on their own
Sketches and Impressions, my first blog of Fine Art sketches (Fashion Sketches can be found on SpyGirl)