Status Update

I’m working on rehabbing my art website (
Version 3.0 will be WordPress with eCommerce and requires complete rebuilding, which is probably a good thing.

New Home Page,
Ahhhhh. All fresh and clean.

I’ve migrated all most of my posts over, though it seems that links composed here return here. I don’t think I’ll bother repairing them (unless I’m really bored, like waiting at the airport or something).

Hoping to launch the revision by April Fool’s Day (as good a day as any), so that my 2018 A-Z Challenge posts will post there. The beta version IS live, at a secret URL. I’d love to have you help me test it for anything that’s confusing, weird, etc. If interested, fill out this form and I’ll email you the link. Thanks in advance!


A to Z Trucks on the Horizon

A-Z Trucks, Digital watercolor compilation printed on aluminum, 40 x 20″, 2017

The image above shows my A-Z trucks from last year.
I had it printed on metal for my 2017 art exhibition at TAG Gallery in Los Angeles.

It’s February and my thoughts are turning towards the 2018 A to Z Challenge.
I’ll be posting images from my #dailytruck series again. I have most of the letters already, there are a few that I’m still hunting (would you believe that I still need to find J and T?).

The A-Z Challenge is a lot of fun. It happens in April, and the challenge is to blog through the alphabet every Monday through Saturday. This will be my fourth year participating!
Read more about my past experiences here.

Collage of Collages

Collage is this week’s Daily Post’s weekly Photo Challenge.​

I decided to show a collection of posts from my other blogs.
Following are what I found when I typed “collage” in each blog’s search bar.

Dessert Safari — Cupcake Clock

Sketches and Impressions — Paint Tubes Color Wheel

Pattern Recognition — Detail of Collage from 1976

The Glutton’s Progress — Map Art

On the Edge — Map Collage Business Card

SpyGirl — What to Wear to an Art Show

Linking up with Catherine’s #SaturdayShareLinkUp

#AtoZchallenge BINGO!

[This posted before I was anywhere close to finishing. Oops. Pre-scheduling run amok. Rather than retract it, I’ll leave it up and have it be a Work In Progress.
Maybe you’d like to play too!]

Original A-Z BINGO card from Blogging from A to Z Challenge
  • A post that mentions a car, truck, or motorcycle.
  • A post that mentions a book you’ve read and reviewed. that makes you want to read it. K is for Kellen
  • A post about an animal you’ve never learned about before.
  • A post with an image of something green.
  • A post that inspired you to make something.
  • A post about something in your fandom.
  • A post with a recipe you tried.
  • A post where you learned something new. Ms of Scotland
  • A post that mentions outer space.
  • A post that mentions ancient times.
  • A post that mentions a horse.
  • A post with an image of a dog or cat. Jack O’ Lantern
  • A post with something you’re allergic to.
  • A post with diversity.
  • A post with coffee.
  • A post with a pun.
  • A post with a poem.
  • A post that made you laugh.
  • A post that made you cry.
  • A post about a place you’ve been.
  • A post about a place you will probably never see.
  • A post that improved your health (or offered a way for you to try to).
  • A post with a story you can tell around the campfire.
  • A post with three or more different words that begin with X.

#AtoZchallenge Are We There Yet? (Conclusion)

A to Z on the backs of trucks, it was a fun ride.
The A to Z Challenge went smoothly here, I pre-scheduled most of the posts. I even have enough surplus letter images to do this same theme next year, if I so desire.
Would you like to see more?

I tried my best to fill my A to Z BINGO card, but life happened (as it tends to do).
I’ll try to get back to it soon.
I REALLY REALLY preferred this year’s daily letter comment links over the previous intimidating Linky list. People were able to give theme descriptions along with their links and I found more blogs to read and follow that way. The legacy list is too long and too uninformative and I DON’T LIKE IT.

I want to give thanks and shoutouts to my dedicated Commenters and Likers.
You gave me daily smiles!
Janet scrapbooked her way through concerts that she’d seen. 
Eva’s theme was postcards. I love postcards!
Liam posted photos.
There were many more, too many to mention in the limited time that I have. (Life again).
Plus I can’t find that place on WP that lists commenters. WP, you can still confuse me.

See links to what others have to say about their A-Z experience here, on the A-Z Challenge blog.