Mile 227

Every commuter’s dream — an empty freeway.

Mile 227, Pastel on paper, 28 x 38″, 1997

This piece is in a group show at the newly relocated TAG Gallery.
The Grand ReOpening Reception is tonight, Saturday, May 20, 5-8pm.

TAG Gallery
5458 Wilshire Blvd
LA, CA   90036

Reproductions are available here on Society6 [I receive a small commission].

#AtoZchallenge BINGO!

[This posted before I was anywhere close to finishing. Oops. Pre-scheduling run amok. Rather than retract it, I’ll leave it up and have it be a Work In Progress.
Maybe you’d like to play too!]

Original A-Z BINGO card from Blogging from A to Z Challenge
  • A post that mentions a car, truck, or motorcycle.
  • A post that mentions a book you’ve read and reviewed. that makes you want to read it. K is for Kellen
  • A post about an animal you’ve never learned about before.
  • A post with an image of something green.
  • A post that inspired you to make something.
  • A post about something in your fandom.
  • A post with a recipe you tried.
  • A post where you learned something new. Ms of Scotland
  • A post that mentions outer space.
  • A post that mentions ancient times.
  • A post that mentions a horse.
  • A post with an image of a dog or cat. Jack O’ Lantern
  • A post with something you’re allergic to.
  • A post with diversity.
  • A post with coffee.
  • A post with a pun.
  • A post with a poem.
  • A post that made you laugh.
  • A post that made you cry.
  • A post about a place you’ve been.
  • A post about a place you will probably never see.
  • A post that improved your health (or offered a way for you to try to).
  • A post with a story you can tell around the campfire.
  • A post with three or more different words that begin with X.

#AtoZchallenge Are We There Yet? (Conclusion)

A to Z on the backs of trucks, it was a fun ride.
The A to Z Challenge went smoothly here, I pre-scheduled most of the posts. I even have enough surplus letter images to do this same theme next year, if I so desire.
Would you like to see more?

I tried my best to fill my A to Z BINGO card, but life happened (as it tends to do).
I’ll try to get back to it soon.
I REALLY REALLY preferred this year’s daily letter comment links over the previous intimidating Linky list. People were able to give theme descriptions along with their links and I found more blogs to read and follow that way. The legacy list is too long and too uninformative and I DON’T LIKE IT.

I want to give thanks and shoutouts to my dedicated Commenters and Likers.
You gave me daily smiles!
Janet scrapbooked her way through concerts that she’d seen. 
Eva’s theme was postcards. I love postcards!
Liam posted photos.
There were many more, too many to mention in the limited time that I have. (Life again).
Plus I can’t find that place on WP that lists commenters. WP, you can still confuse me.

See links to what others have to say about their A-Z experience here, on the A-Z Challenge blog.