#AtoZchallenge #AtoZreveal — Are We There Yet?

This year, I’ll be A-Zing here with Trucks from #mybeautifulcommute-A-ZWaterlogue-2017-03-18-08-18-14

I’m considering a 2nd option on SpyGirl, my Fashion Blog, and will link to it if indeed it happens.

This will be my third year participating in the A to Z Challenge.
Last year, I blogged the tartans of the US and Canada, A-Z [master A-Z list here].

2015, I did two challenges.
One covered the Southwest on my On the Edge travel blog [master A-Z list here].


The other consisted of postings on SpyGirl [master A-Z list here] by my alter ego Enid.

Does an A to Z Challenge sound like fun? Want to join in?
Read more about it here, on the official Blogging from A to Z April Challenge blog.a-z_badge_sm

Come back on April 1st, when I will start with

#June1-30Challenge Day 11: #myshittycommute

Day 11 Photo Challenge
June 11, 1963. We’ve all seen the pictures: Governor of Alabama George Wallace standing at the door of a building at the University of Alabama in an attempt to block two black students from attending the school. He was not successful. The pictures of the young people standing up for their rights are powerful!
Photographs can tell powerful stories! Can you tell a powerful story with your pictures this week? Try taking even photos that tell a story.
Alternative: Post a picture representing the number 11. It can be eleven items, eleven people (think soccer team), or something showing the number 11. Or post a gallery of 11 photos that have a shared theme.

11 most recent #myshittycommute #commutehome images
(arranged like the commute):

Anne M Bray, #commutehome Irwindale, Digital watercolor, ©20162_annembray_commutehome_6-7

Anne M Bray, #commutehome Irwindale, Digital watercolor, ©2016

3_annembray_commutehome_6-6Anne M Bray, #commutehome Arrow Highway, Digital watercolor, ©2016
4_annembray_commutehome_6-1Anne M Bray, #commutehome 605, Digital watercolor, ©20165_annembray_commutehome_5-17Anne M Bray, #commutehome 60 x 5 x 10, Digital watercolor, ©20166_annembray_commutehome_5-23Anne M Bray, #commutehome #dtla, Digital watercolor, ©20167_annembray_commutehome_6-9Anne M Bray, #commutehome #dtla, Digital watercolor, ©20168_annembray_commutehome_5-19Anne M Bray, #commutehome #dtla, Digital watercolor, ©20169_annembray_commutehome_5-16Anne M Bray, #commutehome #dtla, Digital watercolor, ©201610_annembray_commutehome_5-18Anne M Bray, #commutehome Santa Monica Airport, Digital watercolor, ©201611_annembray_commutehome_6-8Anne M Bray, #commutehome Santa Monica Airport, Digital watercolor, ©2016

I started creating the #myshittycommute Waterlogues last August, to make my 78 mile round-trip commute  more of a creative experience. In the mornings, I photograph the back ends of trucks (aka #dailytruck). On the way home, it’s snippets from the drive.
I exhibited 20 of the trucks in April. I will be showing both those and these #commutehome pieces in May-June 2017 at TAG Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica.