#June1-30Challenge Day 24: My Treasure

Day 24 Twenty-four Carat Gold
June 24, 1509.  Henry VIII was crowned King of England.
Henry the eighth valued a male heir. He wanted one. He wanted a wife who could give him one. He left the Church and created his own church so he could get divorced and marry a new wife.
Twenty-four carat gold is valuable. Some value riches above all else.
Tell us what is valuable to you. What do you treasure? Write about your treasure.

My Creativity
My creativity is my treasure and I won’t hoard it


Why ANOTHER blog?

Self portrait for 52 Pick-me-up Style Card Deck as the  Joker
Self portrait for 52 Pick-me-up Style Card Deck as the Joker

I write lots of comments through my WordPress ID.

I need an e-commerce site.
(Maybe WP isn’t as baffling as it used to be? Sure seems easier than it was when I tried it in 2008)

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