#AtoZchallenge Z


I had given up on finding a Z truck. I saw another ZIM truck in SC last month, but it Zoomed past in another lane as we were making a U-turn.

Last Friday (the last day of commuting before May begins) as I contemplated my dilemma, I got to thinking about the Swift company graphic and how their stabby looking S could be considered a Z (OK, so it’s backwards). And lo and behold, a Swift truck appeared right before me in my exit lane for work. Synchronicity, my friends, synchronicity.

Zz[happy now?]

Thus concludes Trucks A-Z 2018. Will I find 26 more for next year?
Do vans instead?
We won’t find out until 2019!


No #22 truck for today.
Since it’s Earth Day, I offer you the Google Maps Car, as seen on I-605
(I’ve seen it twice now, on the same stretch of highway). Nope, couldn’t find it.

How about this “Hula Truck”?tumblr_osy08iK6Ws1r82j9vo1_500
Lots of Green-ery!