A Photo a Week Challenge: Playtime

Nancy’s Photo a Week prompt is Playtime this week, and I’m featuring some photos of us playing around amidst the street mosaics found in the South Street Philadelphia neighborhood.
Isaiah Zagar is the artist, and there is a museum, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, dedicated to one immersive space that he created.

We had a grand time wandering around the neighborhood.

See more mosaics pix over on SpyGirl

Joining in with
Nancy Merrill Photography’s weekly challenge. Check out her post here.

#June1-30Challenge Day 21: Art Hero

Day 21 Twenty-one Gun Salute
June 21, 1919. Admiral Ludwig von Reuter scuttled the German fleet in Scapa Flow, Orkney. The nine sailors killed were the last casualties of World War I.
In every was there are men and women worthy of honor for their sacrifices and bravery.
The Twenty-one gun salute is the military’s way of honoring someone. Who would you like to honor? Who do you consider a hero? Write about him or her.
Alternative: What would like to be honored for? How would you like to be honored?

Leslie A. Brown, Art Hero

Leslie and I first met 21 years ago at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony.
[Cannot find our early photo. Leslie will be relieved].

The creative sparks fly when we’re together.

Leslie A. Brown, Blissful Annie, Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 12″

We make each other laugh.

I’m so glad we found each other!

See Leslie’s amazing work on her website here.