#June1-30Challenge Day 28: Pizza

Day 28 Twenty-eight Dominoes
June 28, 1914. Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, was assassinated in Sarajevo along with his wife, Duchess Sophie. This assassinated started a domino effect resulting in World War I.
There are 28 dominoes in a full set of dominoes. Do you like to play dominoes? Do you like to play games? Why or Why not? What are your favorite games? Tell us about a time you played a game with friends or family.
Or write about The Big Game from your high school or college days.
Maybe you don’t like game playing, especially in relationships. Write about that.
Alternative: Write about your favorite pizza.

Pizza Print

My first job was Pizza Delivery Girl for Skip Perry’s Pizza, in Goleta, CA. This was during the summer after my sophomore year at UC Santa Barbara. A friend in the Dance Dept worked there and got me in.
Skip’s pizza was Chicago-style, thick crust, rectangular shaped. At that point in time, I disliked pizza. My friend Kim visited me for the summer and she got a job at Taco Bell in Isla Vista. We traded pizza slices and taco shells. It was a summer of carbs!

I decided to create some lithographs of pizzas and build them the way a pizza is built. (At that point I had advanced to clerk/cook and was making the pies). The cheese layer was not opaque enough, so I gave the prints “double cheese”.

Anne M Bray, Olive, Bell Pepper, and Ham Pizza, Lithograph monoprint, 15 x 22″ ©1976

I cannot seem to find any print with the pepperoni.
I would like to sell this on Society6 — can you imagine a duvet-as-pizza?
I guess I’ll have to recreate it all over again — digitally this time.