A Photo a Week Challenge: Something New

This is not really a “photo-as-art” post, bear with me.
Learned something new. Origami box made from six 3×3” papers.

Envisioning new usage for the reject day job pattern printouts.

The progression of the folding, starting from bottom.

Second box:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 5_box2.jpg

Hat tip to @embellish_or_perish for finding origami octahedrons at a charity shop and making me curious!

And to Google for the How-To Tutorial.

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Tower

I’ve driven across the US many times and in the process I’ve developed some photographic obsessions.
Hay Bales.
Grain Silos.
Water Towers!

This is one I captured in Cisco, TX. cisco_inspo_750

See the fingerprints in the lower left?
I used the photo as reference for this pastel:

Cisco, TX, pastel on paper, 33 x 22″, available

Do you have road trip obsessions?

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Nancy Merrill Photography’s weekly challenge. Check out her post here.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Water

With this week’s theme of water, I offer some images from my On the Edge US series.
This was a project tied to a road trip that I took in 2014, circumnavigating the US as close to the edge of the contiguous 48 states as I could get on US highways and Interstates.

Each “edge” has an ocean, a gulf, or lakes/ rivers.

US1, Florida Keys

Maine Coast

Niagara Falls, NY

US101, Oregon Coast

I applied the watercolor look to my photographs using the Waterlogue app.
There are smart device and a desktop versions available.
To see the entire On the Edge series, click here.

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Nancy Merrill Photography’s weekly challenge. Check out her post here.
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Photo a Week Challenge: Footwear

Ah! Footwear!
Aside from my Fluevog obsession (subject of 3 A-Z Challenges – 2017, 2018, 2019), I MADE a pair of “basic” pumps from scratch in a workshop with Chris Francis at Otis College of Art and Design in June, 2017. It was a week of hard work!
(photos in reverse order)

To see the process, click here

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Nancy Merrill Photography’s weekly challenge. Check out her post here.

[Later] I forgot to mention, these are THE most uncomfortable shoes. I knew, going in, the heels were not “my style”. But the shoes themselves? OMG. I probably used too much glue on them. The right shoe is still on the last (the form used to build the shoe, it’s turquiose in the photos). Where it shall remain, as a sculptural object!

#AtoZchallenge 2020 Exit Ramp

I always enjoy making the Table of Contents for my A-Z Challenges, to see all the month’s trucks in one visual:
Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 9.12.03 AM
This year, the stay-at-home mandate year, I lucked out that I’d found almost all the letters before my last commute on 3/19. K was the only letter I was lacking, and it’s a very common letter on truck back ends. My photo archive came through on that one, but I had to dig deep!

Next year, who knows if I will be able to do this particular A-Z subject matter. Who knows when I’ll be driving in to work again. If the office opened tomorrow, I wouldn’t be comfortable going in just yet. I sit on the other side of a “short” wall from a co-worker that coughs all day long (allergies) and I certainly don’t want to be on her receiving end.

Hope everyone is staying safe, and practicing safe habits during this crazy time.
Until A-Z 2021, I’m exiting the trucks for a rest stop. Now taking up a weekly photo challenge with Nancy Merrill Photography

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