Liquid Media

Two ideas about liquid.

First, in 2015, I used the Waterlogue App to turn photos of food and drink into “watercolors”. I did it every day for a #100dayProject Instagram challenge and went way beyond the 100.
Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 8.33.12 PMLink for series on Tumblr

Second, today I used real watermedia (watery gouache) in another app that I usually use to convert my day job outfit textiles into circular compositions AKA #tinyplanets.
Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 8.38.49 PMI see potential for a new path of exploration!

These were both originally posted on Instagram, but I like the Archive feature on Tumblr better for finding old Instagram posts.

Post inspired by the Daily Post’s weekly Photo Challenge,
this week’s challenge is Liquid

About Me


This is one of those #artistVSart blocks that flooded Instagram a few months ago. I made the above to introduce myself to a Facebook group.
My various creative facets!

Explanation and links, left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Fluevog shoe repeats. I’ve completed two A-Z challenges (2017, 2018) using these as a theme. Which means I have 52 possible artworks to sell on my Print on Demand sites — Redbubble, Society6, and Spoonflower.
  2. Big Orange Cloud, pastel on paper. See more pastels on my art website.
  3. #dailytruck series — you know it well!
  4. Selfie, fashion sketch. I will be showing a bunch of these in July in Riverside, CA.
  5. Selfie (the format of #artVSart was to put a selfie in the middle of one’s artwork).
  6. ’70’s silkscreen, recolored for today.
  7. Syd Straw, ink drawn from life
  8. Raspberry Jam, waterlogue. I make it. I make art with it.
  9. Upcycled tee shirt weaving. The start of a renewed obsession, weaving.

Post inspired by the Daily Post’s weekly Photo Challenge,
this week’s challenge is Place in the World

Tech note and query: I published a Photo Challenge post on my [WordPress] art website’s blog and it wouldn’t link up to the challenge page. Anyone have tips? Is it the wrong structure on the website? I also lost the “Like” star, and I think that’s the fault of the template I chose. Sigh.

#AtoZchallenge 2018 Exit Ramp


It’s time for what the April A to Z Blogging Challenge crew call the Reflection post.
Where I contemplate how my A-Z went et al.

To put it succinctly, April was a busy month.

To go into specifics:
3 blog challenges: A-Z Trucks here, A-Z Fluevog Shoes there, and a fake journaling project that this year I only posted to a private Facebook group.
Not to mention my usual 2 day jobs and a burgeoning obsession with weaving.

Most of the truck posts were completed in February and March, which made all the other activities easier to complete. I also did Sunday posts, because, why not.

I’ll now copy what I wrote on the Fluevog Conclusion because I’m feeling lazy:
A-Z, it was good.
They had Google Doc spreadsheets, they were good.
I met some new blogging buddies, that was good.
I didn’t have time to visit many new blogs. Not so good, on my part.

Big thanks to the A-Z Team for coming up with a great new format for the links and helpful tips on the A-Z Blog. You made the ride much smoother this year!