A to Z Challenge 2019

The A to Z truck images are created with an iPhone app called Waterlogue.
I take the photos during my morning commute,
either going really slowly on an onramp or stopped in traffic.

This is the Table of Contents for 2019.
Click on the blue bar to see the thumbnails.

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Do I have an 8?

[A few hours later]
Ha. I wasn’t paying attention and had previously scheduled this to post.

No, didn’t find an “8” truck.
Rather than deleting this post, here’s a┬ámessage from Caltrans:

Enjoy your Sunday!

#AtoZchallenge A

AADo I get extra credit for two As? Haha.

[5-26] I’m linking this to the A-Z Road Trip and if you’ve joined me from there, may I direct you to the Intro post? Or the overall A-Z Trucks 2018 list?

In a nutshell, these are the back end of trucks that I photograph during my morning commute, then later process through a phone app called Waterlogue and post to Instagram and other social media. The best way to view the ongoing series is on my Tumblr here.