#June1-30Challenge Day 30: 30 Books

Day 30 Thirty Books
June 30, 1936. Margaret Mitchell’s book, Gone with the Wind, was published.
Have you read Gone with the Wind? Do you want to read it? What books do you want to read? What books have you read that you recommend? What books do you not recommend or will you not read?
Give us your list of thirty books.

Note: I have a lot of books. Some have been in my possession since high school, which means they’ve traveled across the country a few times. I wrote an exhaustive list of all my fashion books for SpyGirl —  one of my more insane episodes because I provided links for all those still in print.
For my last day of the June Challenge, I give you 30 of my cookbooks, with links to any recipe(s) in each mentioned on my Glutton blog.

30 Cookbooks

Fannie Farmer, 1943 edition [Inherited this from my paternal grandmother]
Banana BreadBanana Muffins, Popovers, Cornbread Muffins

The Joy of Cooking, paperback edition vol 2, appetizers, deserts, baked goods
Tomato Chutney

The Vegetarian Epicure, Book Two
[Did I have Book One? I swear I did! I remember using it in college!]

At Home with Japanese Cooking, Elizabeth Andoh

Madhur Jaffrey’s World of the East Vegetarian Cooking

The Enchanted Broccoli Forest, Mollie Katzen [gift from Kim, 1983]

Moosewood Cookbook, Mollie Katzen
Gypsy Soup

A Taste of India, Madhur Jaffrey 1985

Preserving the Fruits of the Earth, Stanley Schuler
Zucchini Sandwich Pickles

Cucina Fresca, Viana La Place & Evan Kleinman

Pasta Fresca, Viana La Place & Evan Kleinman

Cucina Rustica, Viana La Place & Evan Kleinman

Vegetables Italian Style, Viana La Place

The Great Chile Book, Mark Miller

Green Chile Fix Cookbook, Lois and Gerry Hoddenbach
really more a pamphlet, includes the genesis of my NM Chile Enchiladas recipe:

Bradley Ogden’s Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

The Food Lover’s Handbook to the Southwest, Dave DeWitt 1992
a (mostly) now useless travel guide with a smattering of recipes, it was my bible in the 90s

Cucina Simpatica, Johanne Killeen & George Germon

Preserving the Taste, Edon Waycott [gift from Heather]

Biscotti, Lou Seibert Pappas
Coconut Biscotti

Mustard Book, Jan Roberts-Dominguez

True Thai, Victor Sodsook

El Charro Cafe, Carlotta Flores

Local Flavors, Deborah Madison

Blue Plate Specials & Blue Ribbon Chefs, Jane & Michael Stern
Cheesy Grits

Small Batch Preserving, Ellie Top & Margaret Howard
Chile Jam II, Chile Jam III

The Joy of Pickling, Linda Ziedrich

Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving, ed Judi Kingry & Lauren Devine [gift from Mom]
Fig Jam

The Phytopia Cookbook, Barbara Gollman & Kim Pierce

The Lemonade Cookbook, Alan Jackson & Joann Cianciulli


Bonus tip, found while choosing my 30 to list:

from The Moosewood Restaurant Kitchen Garden, David Hirsch, p88.

We have a severe cereal moth problem. I’m going to try this out in all our grains and beans that don’t fit in the freezer, my current storage solution.

#June1-30Challenge Day 29: Trains

Day 29 Track Twenty-nine
June 29, 1896. The St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad Company (predecessor of the St. Louis – San Francisco Railway) is incorporated.
In the old Glen Miller song “The Chattanooga Choo Choo” the train departs on Track 29.
Have you ever ridden a train? Write a post about a train. Tell us about train ride you have taken or one you’d like to take. Make up a story about a train or write a poem featuring a train. Share pictures of trains. Your choice!


At Victoria County Safety Rest Area, near Inez, TX. 3/31/14

#June1-30Challenge Day 28: Pizza

Day 28 Twenty-eight Dominoes
June 28, 1914. Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, was assassinated in Sarajevo along with his wife, Duchess Sophie. This assassinated started a domino effect resulting in World War I.
There are 28 dominoes in a full set of dominoes. Do you like to play dominoes? Do you like to play games? Why or Why not? What are your favorite games? Tell us about a time you played a game with friends or family.
Or write about The Big Game from your high school or college days.
Maybe you don’t like game playing, especially in relationships. Write about that.
Alternative: Write about your favorite pizza.

Pizza Print

My first job was Pizza Delivery Girl for Skip Perry’s Pizza, in Goleta, CA. This was during the summer after my sophomore year at UC Santa Barbara. A friend in the Dance Dept worked there and got me in.
Skip’s pizza was Chicago-style, thick crust, rectangular shaped. At that point in time, I disliked pizza. My friend Kim visited me for the summer and she got a job at Taco Bell in Isla Vista. We traded pizza slices and taco shells. It was a summer of carbs!

I decided to create some lithographs of pizzas and build them the way a pizza is built. (At that point I had advanced to clerk/cook and was making the pies). The cheese layer was not opaque enough, so I gave the prints “double cheese”.

Anne M Bray, Olive, Bell Pepper, and Ham Pizza, Lithograph monoprint, 15 x 22″ ©1976

I cannot seem to find any print with the pepperoni.
I would like to sell this on Society6 — can you imagine a duvet-as-pizza?
I guess I’ll have to recreate it all over again — digitally this time.


#June1-30Challenge Day 27: 27 Syllables

Day 27 Twenty-seven Sentences
June 27, 1927. On this date the United States Marine Corps adopted the English bulldog as their official mascot.
Write about any subject. You can write about a Marine, a bulldog, or an Englishman if you’d like. You can write about anything! But you must write exactly twenty-seven sentences. No more. No less.
Alternative: Write a poem with 27 words or syllables.
Note: A tanka is a 27 syllable poem with the structure 5,7,5,7,7.
I learned that from one of my June 1-30 Challenge mates, but can’t now find who.
(If you’re reading this, leave your June 17 link in the comments and I’ll link you).

Tanka to a Gourd

Oh bitter melon
Like an otherworldly beast
Karela to some
A taste too sour for many
I’ll draw you until I’m done


#June1-30Challenge Day 26: Marathon

Day 26 Marathon
June 26, 2016. Marathons are being held today in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii; Santa Cruz, California; Lubec, Maine; and Arlington, Virginia. The race in Arlington is indoors.
A marathon is 26.2 miles. Marathoners don’t start out running 26.2 miles! They start small and train for it. They work hard to reach that distance.
Tell us about something you worked for. Something you thought you might never accomplish, but you did.

On the Edge: US

In 2014, I did a solo drive, circumnavigating the contiguous 48 US states on US highways and Interstates as close to the perimeter as possible. 31 states, 32 driving days, 12772 miles.
Most memorable roads?
US1 Homestead > Key West, Florida (both directions)
US2 in the High Plains of North Dakota and Montana.

I’ve shown the first batch of art derived from the trip twice:
June – July 2014, TAG Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
February 2015, Palm Springs Fine Art Fair

Blog (of sorts) for the trip
List of driving days with links to photo albums on Flickr
The Art — 53 Waterlogues printed on aluminum, 4 x 6″

#June1-30Challenge Day 25

Day 25 Photo Challenge
June 25, 1967. Broadcasting of the first live global satellite television program took place on this date. It was a show called Our World.
Without the invention of the camera, we would not have television.
Today is your last photo challenge! This one may seem difficult, but you can do it!
Using your camera, take a video about Your World and share it.
Alternative: Post a picture representing the number 25. It can be twenty-five items, twenty-five people, or something showing the number 25.
Alternative: Post a gallery of 25 photos that have a shared theme. You can cheat a bit on this one and post five galleries each with five photos having a shared theme.


Last week, you saw me at eighteen.
Here I am at twenty-five, climbing the pyramid at Uxmal, Yucatan, Mexico.
January, 1982

For giggles, I added this to Patti’s Visible Monday.
Wish I still had that dress.  Wish I could find that fabric! It’s stripes of cotton (yellow, looking light grey) alternating with stripes of transparent rayon (black parts). Dress came from Fiorucci.

#June1-30Challenge Day 24: My Treasure

Day 24 Twenty-four Carat Gold
June 24, 1509.  Henry VIII was crowned King of England.
Henry the eighth valued a male heir. He wanted one. He wanted a wife who could give him one. He left the Church and created his own church so he could get divorced and marry a new wife.
Twenty-four carat gold is valuable. Some value riches above all else.
Tell us what is valuable to you. What do you treasure? Write about your treasure.

My Creativity
My creativity is my treasure and I won’t hoard it


#June1-30Challenge Day 23

Day 23 In or Out
June 23, 2016. Britain votes today whether to stay in the European Union or get out of it.  The choice is simple: In or Out. But the ramifications of a vote to leave are complex and uncertain.
Have you ever had to choose In or Out? Maybe it was a job that you didn’t like. Or a business deal. Maybe you were in a relationship where you had to choose In or Out.
Write about making a simple but difficult choice.


June 1993.
The ex gave me an ultimatum: either you quit Mattel or I’m out of this marriage.
OK, I quit.
I painted.
I tried to make a go of being a full-time fine artist.
I really missed a regular paycheck.

Mattel calls with a temp offer.
I call back, agreeing to work 3 days a week.
The ex says “I’m gone,” and moved out.
I was sad for about a week.

Best out that happened to me.

One of the dolls that I worked on during my divorce:
Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 5.22.02 AM
[Image source: The Barbie Collection — site works intermittently]

Wait. I just remembered something.
We got married on June 23, 1979.
Cue eerie theremin music.


#June1-30Challenge Day 22: Fashion Dos

Day 22 Bill of Rights
June 22, 1944. U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt signed the “GI Bill of Rights” to provide broad benefits for veterans of the war.
We’ve heard of the “Voters’ Bill of Rights”, “Patients’ Bill of Rights”, and “The Bill of Rights” made up of the first ten amendments to the Constitution.
Today you get write your own Bill of Rights. What “Rights” do you want to award to yourself or your family?

Over-40 Fashion Bill of Rights

Dress for yourself.

“Age-appropriate” is a guideline for children.

Peer pressure is a thing of the past.

If it brings you joy, wear it.

Freedom from [insert fruit here] body shape dilemmas.

Flaunt your favorite parts!

Minimal, maximal, or in-between — your choice.

Rules? Who wrote them anyway?

Invisibility is for panty lines, not humans.

Leopard is a neutral.

Pao, Melanie, me in Vancouver, BC last July at the 40+ Blogger Meetup

Are you an over-40 blogger and fond of fashion?
I’ll be hosting a meetup in Santa Monica, CA — Dec 2 – 4.
More details over on SpyGirl, my Fashion Blog.



#June1-30Challenge Day 21: Art Hero

Day 21 Twenty-one Gun Salute
June 21, 1919. Admiral Ludwig von Reuter scuttled the German fleet in Scapa Flow, Orkney. The nine sailors killed were the last casualties of World War I.
In every was there are men and women worthy of honor for their sacrifices and bravery.
The Twenty-one gun salute is the military’s way of honoring someone. Who would you like to honor? Who do you consider a hero? Write about him or her.
Alternative: What would like to be honored for? How would you like to be honored?

Leslie A. Brown, Art Hero

Leslie and I first met 21 years ago at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony.
[Cannot find our early photo. Leslie will be relieved].

The creative sparks fly when we’re together.

Leslie A. Brown, Blissful Annie, Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 12″

We make each other laugh.

I’m so glad we found each other!

See Leslie’s amazing work on her website here.