#AtoZchallenge 2020 Theme Reveal

Truck back ends!

The most perfect A to Z truck. Captured 5/28/19.

Which I’m sure comes as no surprise to those familiar with this blog, being the fourth year I’ve made this collection from my #dailytruck series.

To commence, as always, April 1st.
Curious? Read more about the A-Z Blogging Challenge here.

Note: In case you’re new to this series, here’s how I create these:
The A to Z truck images are created with an iPhone app called Waterlogue.
I take the photos during my morning commute,
either going really slowly on an onramp or stopped in traffic.
Don’t bother berating me about how I’m a road hazard.

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Status Update

I’m working on rehabbing my art website (annembray.com).
Version 3.0 will be WordPress with eCommerce and requires complete rebuilding, which is probably a good thing.

New Home Page, annembray.com
Ahhhhh. All fresh and clean.

I’ve migrated all most of my posts over, though it seems that links composed here return here. I don’t think I’ll bother repairing them (unless I’m really bored, like waiting at the airport or something).

Hoping to launch the revision by April Fool’s Day (as good a day as any), so that my 2018 A-Z Challenge posts will post there. The beta version IS live, at a secret URL. I’d love to have you help me test it for anything that’s confusing, weird, etc. If interested, fill out this form and I’ll email you the link. Thanks in advance!