Cisco Texas

Cisco, Texas, pastel on paper, 33 x 22″
also available as an open edition print on Society6
[I recieve a commission]
Currently on view at TAG Gallery, 5458 Wilshire, LA, CA, 90036



Have you ever run out of storage space while taking pictures with your iPhone?
Dreamy Rothko-like images appear and freeze the camera.

Is it possible to deliberately take a photo like that on a smart phone?
Or are the devices too smart, assuming we always want things in focus.

photo by Severo

This post inspired by The Daily Post’s weekly Photo Challenge.
This week’s theme is Focus

The First

waterlogue of a truck butt
605 North, digital watercolor, 2015

Here is the first waterlogue I made of the back end of a truck for the #myshittycommute series. Created on 6/16/15, I hadn’t yet completely formed my compositional parameters (wipers visible).
This was recently released from “photo jail”.

I have more than 15K photos/images on my phone.
I “lost” computer access to them due to an OS upgrade in September January (no room on the laptop for the new Photos application). I had some clunky workarounds, including emailing to self. I finally decided that I’d had it and got myself a new Mac Mini, which arrived on Thursday. I can now see ALL my truck waterlogues as thumbnails in one place — what a relief! I have to figure out what to get printed for my show in July!

Wait… July 9 (hanging day) is only 35 days away. Uh oh.
Procrastination is the bane of my existence.

Mile 227

Every commuter’s dream — an empty freeway.

Mile 227, Pastel on paper, 28 x 38″, 1997

This piece is in a group show at the newly relocated TAG Gallery.
The Grand ReOpening Reception is tonight, Saturday, May 20, 5-8pm.

TAG Gallery
5458 Wilshire Blvd
LA, CA   90036

Reproductions are available here on Society6 [I receive a small commission].

#AtoZchallenge BINGO!

[This posted before I was anywhere close to finishing. Oops. Pre-scheduling run amok. Rather than retract it, I’ll leave it up and have it be a Work In Progress.
Maybe you’d like to play too!]

Original A-Z BINGO card from Blogging from A to Z Challenge
  • A post that mentions a car, truck, or motorcycle.
  • A post that mentions a book you’ve read and reviewed. that makes you want to read it. K is for Kellen
  • A post about an animal you’ve never learned about before.
  • A post with an image of something green.
  • A post that inspired you to make something.
  • A post about something in your fandom.
  • A post with a recipe you tried.
  • A post where you learned something new. Ms of Scotland
  • A post that mentions outer space.
  • A post that mentions ancient times.
  • A post that mentions a horse.
  • A post with an image of a dog or cat. Jack O’ Lantern
  • A post with something you’re allergic to.
  • A post with diversity.
  • A post with coffee.
  • A post with a pun.
  • A post with a poem.
  • A post that made you laugh.
  • A post that made you cry.
  • A post about a place you’ve been.
  • A post about a place you will probably never see.
  • A post that improved your health (or offered a way for you to try to).
  • A post with a story you can tell around the campfire.
  • A post with three or more different words that begin with X.

#AtoZchallenge Are We There Yet? (Conclusion)

A to Z on the backs of trucks, it was a fun ride.
The A to Z Challenge went smoothly here, I pre-scheduled most of the posts. I even have enough surplus letter images to do this same theme next year, if I so desire.
Would you like to see more?

I tried my best to fill my A to Z BINGO card, but life happened (as it tends to do).
I’ll try to get back to it soon.
I REALLY REALLY preferred this year’s daily letter comment links over the previous intimidating Linky list. People were able to give theme descriptions along with their links and I found more blogs to read and follow that way. The legacy list is too long and too uninformative and I DON’T LIKE IT.

I want to give thanks and shoutouts to my dedicated Commenters and Likers.
You gave me daily smiles!
Janet scrapbooked her way through concerts that she’d seen. 
Eva’s theme was postcards. I love postcards!
Liam posted photos.
There were many more, too many to mention in the limited time that I have. (Life again).
Plus I can’t find that place on WP that lists commenters. WP, you can still confuse me.

See links to what others have to say about their A-Z experience here, on the A-Z Challenge blog.