A to Z Challenge 2017


NOTE: click on the Letter or Date to the right of the thumbnail, not the picture


  1. a1 A
  2. 2 4/2
  3. b1 B
  4. c1 C
  5. d1 D
  6. e1 E
  7. f1 F
  8. g1 G
  9. [no post]
  10. h1 H
  11. i1 I
  12. j1 J
  13. k1 K
  14. l1 L
  15. m1 M
  16. 16 4/16
  17. n1 N
  18. o1 O
  19. p1 P
  20. q1 Q
  21. r1 R
  22. s1 S
  23.  [no post]
  24. t1 T
  25. u1 U
  26. v1 V
  27. w1 W
  28. x1 X
  29. y1 Y
  30. z1 Z


3 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge 2017

  1. Sounds fun and different! (I may have to go back and read your A to Z’s about the tartans! We had been traveling in Nova Scotia a few years ago when a new tartan was introduced up there. It has grays, greens, yellows, and blacks, and had something to do with Cancer Awareness. I picked a winter scarf up in Cape Breton.)

    Impromptu Promptlings

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