4 thoughts on “#AtoZchallenge Q

    1. When I was a kid, we had a license plate game. During road trips, we would each make a list of all the state plates we saw during the trip. Trucks were always exciting, because they usually had out of state plates. They still do! I see so many semis from Maine and Indiana! And some Indiana plates are customized for the trucking company (the ultimate in vanity plates, I guess. Your own logo on a license plate!)

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    1. Thank you! This has been my commute therapy for at least four (five?) years. Now, of course, no commute, no trucks. Good thing I prescheduled all these posts. Except K was a spot of trouble this year.

      Also, thanks for commenting! I’ve added you to my A-Z blog roll on my other A-Z blog: https://repeatsamb.blogspot.com/
      Will dive deeper into your posts soon. Currently pondering my three “Remembrance” pix for your Linkup.

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