6 thoughts on “#AtoZchallenge X

  1. Hello thanks for visiting my blog it was kind. I think many folk are thinking . . . .Hey Im almost there lets eat cake and hide behind the sofa . . . . OK that could just be me.

    I will admit it did take me a minute to work out what your cunning plan was for the A to Z, but my old and now very slow acting brain cells suddenly got it and I have to say its very clever. .. Well done. I suspect there is potential here to pursue this with all sorts of things from fast food containers to Aircraft to tattoos and everything in between.

    Rob Z Tobor

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      1. Will do! Been a heck of a week with a tummy bug. Not planned in the grand scheme of an A to Z. Lol thanks for the link and I’ll be catching up a bunch next week and going forward.


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