Trucks A-Z 2019 begin April 1



Ready, set, GO!
My third year of A-Z digital watercolors of trucks commence April 1st.

The images are the back end of trucks that I photograph during my morning commute. After I get to work, I process them through a phone app called Waterlogue and post to Instagram and other social media.
The best way to view the entire ongoing series is on my Tumblr.

The A-Z Blogging Challenge is a fun way to discover new blogs.
Read more about it here.

[A few hours after posting]
OOPS! Color me confused! Wrote another post yesterday on the same topic and forgot that I’d already scheduled this one. Double the fun!

2 thoughts on “Trucks A-Z 2019 begin April 1

    1. Ha. On the onramp I have two options. Lane one has the semis and sometimes goes faster than lane two that has everyone else. I have observed this pattern over the course of 10 years. For the four years before that, I had slower cars and went through downtown LA morning and night. It was gruesome. My current AM route is built for SPEED (mostly).


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