#AtoZchallenge 2019: Keep on Truckin’

[2020 visitors: rerouted you to this older post because I’d say the same thing this year]

Still with the trucks. I have not yet tired of this highlight of my morning commute.
2-26_selfieI have already found most of the alphabet. I have a stickie of the stragglers on my car’s  console. Might have to do some truck chasing.
a-z console

In case you’re new to this series, here’s how I create these:
The A to Z truck images are created with an iPhone app called Waterlogue.
I take the photos during my morning commute,
either going really slowly on an onramp or stopped in traffic.

Curious about the A to Z Challenge? Read more here, on the A-Z Blog, and consider giving it a try! I’ve discovered new blogging friends and have created lots of new art through it.

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27 thoughts on “#AtoZchallenge 2019: Keep on Truckin’

  1. Interesting app. You don’t live in my state. We have a new law where if you even are found holding your phone you can get a big, fat ticket. Even stopped at a light. Our city police say if they see a phone in your hand and you are behind the wheel, too bad. The law allows for warnings, by my city isn’t going to give them.
    So, I get stuck with songs I’d rather shuffle through, not wanting to be found holding my phone!
    (I’m not a proponent of using your phone while you are on an ramp. driving slowly or not.)


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