About Me


This is one of those #artistVSart blocks that flooded Instagram a few months ago. I made the above to introduce myself to a Facebook group.
My various creative facets!

Explanation and links, left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Fluevog shoe repeats. I’ve completed two A-Z challenges (2017, 2018) using these as a theme. Which means I have 52 possible artworks to sell on my Print on Demand sites — Redbubble, Society6, and Spoonflower.
  2. Big Orange Cloud, pastel on paper. See more pastels on my art website.
  3. #dailytruck series — you know it well!
  4. Selfie, fashion sketch. I will be showing a bunch of these in July in Riverside, CA.
  5. Selfie (the format of #artVSart was to put a selfie in the middle of one’s artwork).
  6. ’70’s silkscreen, recolored for today.
  7. Syd Straw, ink drawn from life
  8. Raspberry Jam, waterlogue. I make it. I make art with it.
  9. Upcycled tee shirt weaving. The start of a renewed obsession, weaving.

Post inspired by the Daily Post’s weekly Photo Challenge,
this week’s challenge is Place in the World

Tech note and query: I published a Photo Challenge post on my [WordPress] art website’s blog and it wouldn’t link up to the challenge page. Anyone have tips? Is it the wrong structure on the website? I also lost the “Like” star, and I think that’s the fault of the template I chose. Sigh.

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