A to Z Trucks on the Horizon

A-Z Trucks, Digital watercolor compilation printed on aluminum, 40 x 20″, 2017

The image above shows my A-Z trucks from last year.
I had it printed on metal for my 2017 art exhibition at TAG Gallery in Los Angeles.

It’s February and my thoughts are turning towards the 2018 A to Z Challenge.
I’ll be posting images from my #dailytruck series again. I have most of the letters already, there are a few that I’m still hunting (would you believe that I still need to find J and T?).

The A-Z Challenge is a lot of fun. It happens in April, and the challenge is to blog through the alphabet every Monday through Saturday. This will be my fourth year participating!
Read more about my past experiences here.

6 thoughts on “A to Z Trucks on the Horizon

  1. Had I’d known, I would have waited until you got them all on one page. You have no idea how many of my friends I have told about your commuting projects you have done! I trust that not only are the truckers delighted to have free advertising, but I hope also this has proved to be a fruitful endeavor!

    We are having a bit of a warm spell, but the ocean hasn’t warmed up enough(54ish) to prevent fog. When I go into B eaufort, it’s a good ten degrees warmer. However, it beats snow, ice and cold!

    I use this site to keep up with your activities, others, use face book(etc.). Leiter says he’s given up that in light of hundreds of comments that came in one time.

    I miss seeing you, I wish we were geographically closer! Love to you both,Mom

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