#AtoZchallenge #AtoZreveal — Are We There Yet?

This year, I’ll be A-Zing here with Trucks from #mybeautifulcommute-A-ZWaterlogue-2017-03-18-08-18-14

I’m considering a 2nd option on SpyGirl, my Fashion Blog, and will link to it if indeed it happens. [Edit] I did A-Z Fluevogs on Pattern Recognition

This will be my third year participating in the A to Z Challenge.
Last year, I blogged the tartans of the US and Canada, A-Z [master A-Z list here].

2015, I did two challenges.
One covered the Southwest on my On the Edge travel blog [master A-Z list here].


The other consisted of postings on SpyGirl [master A-Z list here] by my alter ego Enid.

Does an A to Z Challenge sound like fun? Want to join in?
Read more about it here, on the official Blogging from A to Z April Challenge blog.a-z_badge_sm

Come back on April 1st, when I will start with

15 thoughts on “#AtoZchallenge #AtoZreveal — Are We There Yet?

  1. This is the first year that I am participating in the A t Z Challenge, and I am amazed about the variety of themes that people can choose. Yours is really original!

    My theme is going to be postcards, as my blog is about all postal things.


    1. Yes, lots of searching through my truck images to first see if A-Z was doable. Then there were a few missing letters that I would chant during the commute (when I take the source photos) so they’d materialize. How many times did I see a missing letter in a faraway lane? Oh so many. Have all the letters now and just have to do some minor tweaking on some of the scheduled posts.
      And then I’ll start working on my fashion themed A-Z!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha. Yeah. I go for the weird stuff. Anything to make my commute more endurable.
      BONUS: perfect for that vehicle square on the A to Z BINGO card!
      May the A to Zed be with you!


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