A Good Match

Here I am, matching the kitchen floor:
Why am I on the floor taking selfies?

It’s all the fault of Colors of the Day, a fun Instagram/Facebook fashion challenge.
Every M-F, Mercedes posts a two swatch combo of colors or a color and a print  on Instagram (@COTDstyle) and in her Facebook COTD Style Group. The combos are chosen by her husband Andy or on Tuesdays by a special guest COTDstyle takeover (I had the honor on 2/7/17).

My outfit was inspired by the prompt:
I had just purchased the perfect 70’s poncho from Poshmark (an online resale site).

Here’s the whole look:
Is it a good match?

If you enjoyed reading about my sartorial antics, consider perusing SpyGirl, my fashion blog.
I mix and match with abandon there!

This post inspired by The Daily Post’s weekly Photo Challenge.
This week’s theme is A Good Match

3 thoughts on “A Good Match

  1. I opened my phone this AM to be greeted by “matching the floor” ! I am enjoying all your ventures with the camera. I haven’t finished putting my African pics in an album. The weather here has been fantastic, so indoor projects, except for some good reading, have been put on a serious “hold” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have wondered about the rain drops that have continually fallen in your area. It is unbelievable, you must be anxious for good old CA SUN. I can’t believe I”ve been here for more than a month. Time flies! Best to both of you, Mom

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    1. Yeah, the rain is getting a bit “old”. We needed it badly though, and the wildflowers should be amazing this year!
      I’ll write you more in one of those ancient things that get inserted in an envelope and fly through the air via the USPS. Heehee.


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