Magic Moment – From Studio to Gallery

Magic happens when art leaves the studio:

Gets framed,
Gets prepped for hanging:

And gets hung:

This is a peek at my current show at TAG Gallery, in Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA.
Fashion Rainbow
November 22 – December 17
Reception: Saturday, December 3, 5-8pm
Artist Panel: Saturday, December 10, 3pm

This post inspired by The Daily Post’s weekly Photo Challenge.
This week’s theme is Magic.

3 thoughts on “Magic Moment – From Studio to Gallery

  1. So good, so creative and I totally get your point about magic happening when framed and hung. Especially the rainbow way you chose.


  2. It’s fun to see your show! How’s it going? I can’t stay awake long enough at night to contact you by phone! It has taken me much longer this time to recover from a 15 hour flight. No wonder I said more than once, “fly business”.

    I hope to have a meeting at Best Buy to have questions about my note pad answered. Texting on it is most difficult.

    I have had tech help from a guy in Newport, he is very patient with this senior citizen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is very dark right now, even the birds aren’t up yet. We have two more inches of “lake effect “ snow on the ground, with more to come this weekend and next week. I guess Fripp will be a great place to be this winter. Best love, mom


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