Look Up!

Sunset, I-10, AZ

This is not new. If you look closely, you’ll see some dirty fingerprints and a crease from a bulldog clip.
This photo has been clipped to an unfinished pastel that I stuck behind my “studio” [ie bedroom] door for six years. SIX YEARS!
In June 2010, I had worked on this during a week-long residency at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony. I was recovering from a mastectomy and frantically making some art before starting chemo. [I’m fully recovered, btw. I won, cancer lost.] Why unfinished? If I remember correctly, I didn’t have the proper red pastel on hand. The clouds were looking too orange and it was too similar to Big Orange Cloud from the same series.

Looks like I’ve got some reds in the pastel box now:
No more excuses.

This post inspired by The Daily Post’s weekly Photo Challenge.
This week’s theme is Look Up.

Also linking this with Shelbee’s On the Edge of the Week linkup.

2 thoughts on “Look Up!

    1. Thanks Shelbee.
      I take a weekly qi gong (similar to tai chi) class outdoors in a local park under the auspices of The Benjamin Center, a cancer organization. Yesterday, there was an agency casting for runners for some sort of Olympics ad. (Only in Hollywood, right?). Our instructor said, “Don’t compare yourselves to those buff athletes, we’re not gold medalists. I blurted out, “We are gold medalists of cancer!” My pal Natalie (kidney cancer victor) added, “No, platinum!”


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