#June1-30Challenge Day 16: Licensed

Day 16 Sixteen and Licensed to Drive!
June 16, 1903 The Ford Motor Company was incorporated.
Sixteen is the age at which you can get a driver’s license in most states in the US. Was your first car a Ford? Tell us about getting your license or your first car.
Alternative: Write about a road trip.


I was a late bloomer getting my driver’s license. I didn’t take Driver’s Ed until the winter of my senior year in high school. Four girls in a sedan, one a Japanese exchange student who could barely see over the dash. It was terrifying when it was her turn!

Before the test, I practiced in my parents’ wood-paneled station wagon. That was a lot of car to parallel park! Test number one was taken in Millerton, NY. Failed, because I confused my left from my right and got in the wrong lane to make a turn. Oops.

I took test number two later in the summer, further upstate. In consultation with my cousins (who all got their permits as soon as they could), it was determined that Herkimer was the best location for passing the test. Success!

A few months later, I had a new Fiat 128 and hit the road for college in Santa Barbara.


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