#June1-30Challenge Day 4: 4 Photos of 4

Day 4: Photo Challenge
June 4, 1917. The first Pulitzer Prizes were awarded.

If there was a Pulitzer for amateur photography…
Today is your chance to post your entry for the competition!
Post a picture representing the number 4. It can be four items, four people, or something showing the number 4. Be creative! Look around you and take some fun photos to share!
Alternative: Post a gallery of four photos that have a shared theme. Use the Create a Gallery Tool to make your gallery.

4 Fingersamb_4fingers
Ride a cockhorse to Banbury Cross,
To see a fine lady upon a white horse;
Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,
She shall have music wherever she goes.
— Mother Goose

4 Rings that I’ve had since high schoolamb_4hs
Two in foreground designed by Fran Boothby. Still wearing the left one on my pinkie.
Two in back bought at a Native American Arts Gallery in Denver, CO in 1972.

4 Rings I’ve worn on my ring finger
Left to right:
Two wedding rings [read more here]
“June Lake”, designed and made by Lois York
African double knot, bought at the Nairobi Airport in 1997
Still wearing all except #2.

4 Rings that are souvenirs
Left to right:
My $3000 midlife crisis ring, souvenir of a bad relationship, 1996.
Bought this from a jewelry vendor that came to Mattel in 1990.
There used to be a carnelian in the hole.
Rounded square obtained from a shop in Portland, OR, late 90s.
Double ring purchased at the Parks Exhibition Art Gallery at Idyllwild Arts Academy in 2007, during my Painting’s Edge residency.

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