#June1-30Challenge Day 3: Requirements

Day 3: Three Things You Can’t Live Without
June 3, 1937. The Duke of Windsor married American Wallis Simpson. He loved her so much he knew he could not live without her, so he gave up the Crown of Great Britain to marry her.
What are three things you can’t live without (or wouldn’t want to)?




ps: Today’s my birthday and I hit lucky 60!

4 thoughts on “#June1-30Challenge Day 3: Requirements

    1. Not “brand” new, but kinda new. The “Trying to master WP” thing.
      I like Blogger so much better. If that makes “old”, I don’t care!
      The problem is Blogger’s “Search”. It’s TERRIBLE. I’ll be uploading all my art, whenever I figure the mysterious (to me) e-commerce thing. Must have decent search capabilities.


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