#June1-30Challenge Day 2: Goals

June 1-30 Challenge
I’m a day late to the party, but here I go!

Day 2 Two Goals for June
June 2, 1835.  P.T. Barnum and his circus started their first tour of the United States.
Do you want to learn to ride an elephant? Or fly on a trapeze? Or juggle fire? What new ills would you like to learn?
Or do you simply want to improve in some area of your lives?
Do you have projects that you’ve started and desire to finish?
Tell us about two goals you hope to achieve this month and how you plan to achieve them.

My current goals (off the top of my head):
• I want to get my MFA in Textiles
• I want to circumnavigate Canada like I did the US
• I want to master WordPress

Guess who didn’t read the prompt?
Actually, these are the goals that I wrote on Thrift Shop Commando‘s comments.
She’s my conduit into finding out about the challenge this morning.
I’ll work on achieving #3, by posting this challenge here, instead of on one of my Blogger blogs. Won’t get to Master level in a month, but maybe a little more comfortable with the platform.

I’ll add a second goal for the month:
• Clean up the paper tsunami in the living room

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